Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics KogeneBiotech, the Real-time PCR Company

Company Profile

Since KogeneBiotech was founded in 2000,
and our company has earned a reputation for innovation in Molecular Diagnostics. Our main business units are the production of Real-time PCR/conventional assay based on the active R&D works and testing service for Human, Food and Animal. We have put major efforts in searching a new market, and new R&D works of the genetic analysis, so we have been successful at expanding the base of Real-time PCR technique in clinical diagnostics area. As a result, KogeneBiotech is the Korean industry leader in the field of PCR/Real-time PCR Kit market for a human molecular diagnostics, food genetic analysis and animal disease.
  • First
    The first adopting
    the Real-time PCR
    in Korea

    Food Safety•Halal

  • Most
    The most PCR Kits
    in the world

    Adopted by the government lab.
    and the national research institute

  • Best
    The best technology
    for MDx

    Development and supply
    for 800 Kits

Kogene provides total solution for a molecular diagnostics

We continues to grow by contributing to the popularization of MDx around the world
KogeneBiotech are specialized in On-Demand development, and we provide more reliable products and active & differentiated technical support to our customers. Now we produce about 800 PCR and Real-time PCR Kits and the great part of these products are developed by Government’s grant and collaboration with national research institute.
  • R&D
    Active R&D

    To be developed by a Government’s grant
    and to collaborate
    with a national research institute.

  • Production
    Operation the smart factory

    Supported by Samsung Electronics (2020) MES system

  • Quality
    The reliable quality management

    KGMP • ISO13485 • CE-IVD
    Manufacturer of Medical Device
    certified by KFDA

The most development and supply
about PCR and Real-time PCR Kits in the world
  • Clinical Dx

    Respiratory Infections
    Vector-borne DxTuberculosis
  • Food Safety

    Food & Waterborne Pathogen
    Animal IDHalal
    GMOFood Allergen
  • Animal Disease


Kogene is a Korean standard, and we are reaching out to the world!

We develop, manufacture, supply and market the reliable products to the government lab. and the national research institute in the world based on our unique technology and quality.
We exports to 60 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and central and south America for the COVID-19, MERS, Influenza virus, Halal, GMO, and animal disease diagnostics Kits.
We always continue to assist you to ensure that our products and technology lead to improve the public health and safety.