Kogene provides a powerful solution
for a molecular diagnostics


PowerEXP™ 32 NA Extraction System

The PowerEXP™ 32 NA Extraction System is fully-automated nucleic acid (NA) extractor for wide molecular diagnostics such as SARS-CoV-2, IVD, animal disease, food & halal, and pathogens. It utilizes magnetic particle-based technology to improve work efficiency and productivity. The combination of PowerPrep™ Extraction Kit EXP ensures rapid and highly purified NA from various sample types.


  • Simple & easy operation
  • Fast NA extraction for 32 samples in 20 mins
  • Efficient lysis & elution : Heating temp. up to ~ 120℃
  • High reproducibility & sensitivity
  • Decontamination system : UV light
  • Wide application : IVD, animal disease, food & halal and pathogens

Work flow



Items Parameter
Processing volume 30-1,000 μL
Capacity 1-32 samples per run work
Collection efficiency of the magnetic particles ≥95 %
Heating temperature For cell lysis and NA elution    Room temperature to 120℃
Processing-mode Multi-mode, multi-speed available
Reagents Automation-ready to use kit using magnetic bead
Operation interface 3.5 inch display with touch-control operation
Storage capacity 15 preinstalled protocols in main unit, unlimited in pad
Protocol management Create, edit, delete, protocol mode
Decontamination UV light
Computer interface USB
Network communication Ethernet (optional)
Dimensions (W x L x H) 440mm x 435mm x 445mm
Weight 31.5kg
Power requirements AC110±10 %/230V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz±1Hz, 600W
Temperatures allowed during operation 10-40 ℃
Relative humidity allowed during operation <80 %

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