Kogene provides a powerful solution
for a molecular diagnostics


PowerAmp96™ series

The PowerAmp96™ system is a powerful total solution for your Real-time PCR assay. This instrument is optimized with various application test like as Clinical Dx, Food safety and Animal health and provide outstanding and reliable results combine with PowerChek™ Detection Kit series.


  • 6 Fluorescence detection channels
  • Full touched screen : Stand alone
  • Rapid and accurate temperature control
  • Moving optical shuttle : No reference & No calibration
  • Fast run time : Max. heating rate 6.1℃/sec
  • Easy to use software

Work flow


Thermal Cycler Sample Capacity (wells) 96
Reaction Volume 0-100 uL
Temperature range 0-100 ℃
Maximum heating rate 6.1 ℃/sec
Average heating rate 4.5 ℃/sec
Temperature accuracy ± 0.1 ℃
Excitation light source 6 LEDs
Detection system Photodiode
Optical system Excitation/emission wave lengths 465 -680nm / 510 -730nm 1. FAM, SYBR Green I, SYTO9, EvaGreen, LC Green
3. ROX, Texas Red
4. Cy5
5. Alexa Fluor680
6. NED
Excitation/emission wave lengths 7 seconds for 96 wells for all channels
Software Data Analysis modes - Qualitative analysis
- Absolute quantification
- Relative quantification
- Genotyping analysis
- Endpoint analysis
- Melt curve analysis
- High Resolution Melting
Connectivity or communication 1. 10.4' touch screen
2. PC direct control
3. WLAN control (One PC can control mas 10 units, and device can be controlled by any PC in the WLAN)
Data export CSV, Excel, TXT format data output, open port for LIS connection
System Dimensions 355 mm x 480 mm x 485 mm
Weight 30 kg
Power usage AC 100 to 125 V / 200 to 240 V (50/60 Hz)

Product List

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KQ0002 PowerAmp96™ Dx 96 wells Request a quote