Kogene provides a powerful solution
for a molecular diagnostics

IVD test


PowerChek™ Other IVD Real-time PCR Kit series

PowerChek™ Other IVD Real-time PCR Kit series provide the fast and accurate testing solution, and the kits are intended for the qualitative detection and discrimination of various pathogen in clinical samples.
KogeneBiotech provides the total solution from sample to detection, and refer to the related product list.

As the products are Medical Device, please read 'caution' and 'instruction' before use.


  • Total solution from sample to detection
  • Highly sensitivity & specificity
  • Including all necessary reagents
  • Easy to use


  • Primer/Probe Mix
  • Real-time PCR Master Mix
  • (or RT-PCR Reaction Buffer & RT Enzyme Mix)
  • Control
  • Kit Manual